Advice on Film Distribution
This section contains information on strategies for putting together distribution for your film, as well as extensive Q&A interviews with leading independent film distributors from around the country. In these interviews, the distributors describe what they look for in a film, how they structure deals, at what stage in a film's development do they want to be approached, and more.

Tips From Insiders: Explore some useful links that contains advice from people involved in the film industry.

Letter To A Filmmaker: Cynthia Close, executive director of Documentary Educational Resources, offers advice on film distribution.

Advice for Documentary Filmmakers
How much should you budget for archival footage? Should you try to script your documentary? What should you take into consideration when planning to shoot in a foreign country? Is it ever okay to bring your kids with you while you're filming? These and other questions are tackled in the Ask the Doc Doctor series. Also see interviews and how-to's in our Documentary section.

Advice on Film Financing
Whether you're cobbling together $100,000 through friends and families are making a film for $2,000 charged to your credit card, we can help. This section features articles on ways filmmakers scrimp and save, as well as information on key funding sources, from the Sundance Institute to the Women in Film Finishing Fund.

How To: An informative section of The Independent that covers everything from health insurance to study abroad programs.

Party Like A Doc Star: Tips on coordinating a successful fundraising party.

"Prince Among Slaves": Recreating History on a Budget: Director Andrea Kalin talks about making a film set in the 18th Century and on two continents.

Advice on Screenwriting
How do writing teams actually function? What are some smart ways to think about adapting a book into a film? Can you turn a script for a short into a feature-length film? And just how much should you change the contours of a story in the editing process? This section features answers to these questions and more.

The Finer Points of Screenwriting: A legal guide to screenwriting credits.

From Idea To Story: The process of translating your idea into a film can be quite the challenge. The Independent offers tips to make you feel less overwhelmed.

Read about Legal Issues
A look at matters including film credits and fair use rights.

Advice on Marketing Your Film
This section looks at ways you can get attention for your film, with advice on making a splash at film festivals, drawing attention from the press, building a killer press kit, marketing your film online, and more. Plus: how to effectively market a film that's tied to a social cause.

Networking 101: The importance of making connections.

Film Festivals: The most recent coverage on upcoming film festivals.

Advice on Technology
The way we make films is constantly changing, and this section looks at the latest technology, with an eye towards what works well—and what's affordable.

Interview With Kathy Chevigny, Executive Director of Arts Engine, Inc.: Kathy discusses artistic collaborations and how the Internet us going to change the film industry.

The Future of Public Media: Talking with Pat Aufderheide: Randi Cecchine talks with Pat Aufderheide, founder and director of the Center for Social Media at American University, about moving their Beyond Broadcast conference to SILVERDOCS, unraveling the complexities of fair use, and taking on the future of public media.

Free Downloads for Filmmakers
Here you can find sample grant applications, budgets, shooting schedules, location releases, actor releases, etc., which we have made available free to all users who are logged in. You can also add yours.